PAG - The Linking Battery People

PAG is the original designer and manufacturer of high-end batteries and chargers for cameras and accessories used in broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography.

The company is best known for its intelligent linking battery systems which are the choice of camera professionals around the world.

PAG products are conceived and constructed in the UK, using patented technology that is designed to assist you in your work.

The company’s commitment to quality, reliability and durability ensures that its batteries provide the longest possible working life. This is backed by a 3 year guarantee, which makes them the best value for money in the industry.

PAG Li-Ion batteries are tested to UN 38.3 standard by Intertek Group plc, and certified to ensure compliance with air transport regulations.

The company’s manufacturing standard is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

The History of PAG

Based in South West London, PAG was founded by Chief Executive Alan Lavender, in 1968. It was Alan’s technologically advanced post-production equipment for film that built the company during the 1970s.

Portable power demands for the first electronic news gathering cameras in the 1980s, led PAG to develop the industry’s premier battery belts, as well as one of the first battery mounting systems (PAGlok), which was adopted worldwide.

Throughout its history, PAG has been a trailblazer for many broadcast battery innovations, including: microcomputer-controlled fast-charging; run-time information displayed in the camera viewfinder and on the battery; and now intelligent batteries that can be linked for charging and discharging.

Paul Lavender (Alan’s son) is PAG’s Engineering Director and head of the company’s Research and Development Department. Paul specialises in software origination and has more than 20 years experience designing battery and charging products for PAG. The PAGlink battery system features numerous advances in technology that originate from Paul and his team.

PAG is able to offer you:

  • Direct contact with the in-house product designers.

  • An unsurpassed safety record..

  • 50 years of specialist knowledge..

  • Full technical support provided throughout the product’s lifetime.

  • Fast turnaround on service and repairs.

  • An international network of authorised service centres.

  • Air transport advice when you travel with PAG batteries.

  • A free recycling program for expired PAG batteries.

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