USB (2A) Connector for PAGlink PowerHub

  • USB (2A) output connector unit for the PAGlink V-Mount PowerHub Model 9709

  • It replaces the original 1A USB unit supplied with the PowerHub pre August 2019

  • 5V DC output at 2 Amp (3A peak) suitable for low-voltage camera accessories or charging your phone

  • Includes voltage output protection

  • Quick and easy to fit

PAG has introduced a new, 2A USB output connector unit for use with the PAGlink V-Mount PowerHub Model 9709.

The USB connector unit provides a 2A continuous current, 3A peak. It includes output voltage protection and is suitable for powering any 5V camera accessory that draws up to 2A. It can even be used for powering a Go Pro camera or for charging your phone.

The original 1A USB connector unit for the V-Mount PowerHub can be removed by first releasing the 2 lower output connectors, using the red buttons situated above them on the side of the PowerHub. The USB unit can then be lifted out and replaced with this new, more powerful unit.

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