With thanks to Adrian Weinbrecht

  • The new PAGlink PL150 takes advantage of the latest high-capacity Li-Ion cells.

  • It offers the highest energy density of any 150Wh V-Mount Li-Ion battery brought to market.

  • Link two PL150 batteries for an unbeatable 300 Watt-hours.

  • Draw up to 12A when the batteries are linked, or 8A individually.

  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power.

  • Numeric Run-Time & Capacity Display (PL150T) or 5-Light Indicator (PL150e).

  • Auto-communication with multiple camera data systems for in-viewfinder capacity display.
  • Link with PL96 PAGlink batteries for charge or discharge.

  • Intelligent batteries that manage their charge and discharge safely.

  • Heavy duty pin-type contacts for high current applications.

  • Tested to UN standards by an independent authority, and labelled with test number.

  • Fail-safe electronic protection system and Parylene coated circuits for superior safety.

  • Fly with two PL150 batteries in your carry-on luggage.

  • Future-proof, externally programmable firmware.

  • 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions.


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