Two are better than one!

  • Link batteries for super-high capacities and longer run-times.

  • Draw more current for multiple accessories.

  • Share the load and extend battery life.

  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power.

  • Link batteries for simultaneous charging.

  • Unlink batteries for air travel.

PAGlink is a revolutionary system of intelligent linking batteries designed to power the wide range of cameras and accessories used for broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography.

  • No other battery system gives you as much power.

  • No other battery system embraces so many advances in technology.

  • No other battery system offers such good return on investment.

The PAGlink System also gives you...

  • Smaller and lighter batteries and chargers.

  • More outputs for accessories.

  • Easier battery management.

A PAGlink V-Mount System is also available.

PAGlink is the world’s most technologically
advanced camera power system

PAGlink puts an end to your power worries and lets you concentrate on getting the shots you need.

PAGlink allows up to 8 batteries, in any state-of-charge to be linked for discharge or charging - an industry first.

Two fully-charged 94Wh PAGlink batteries become a super high-capacity 188Wh power source when linked. Three batteries offer a massive 282Wh with a combined weight of only 2.2kg.

PAGlink batteries are the smallest and lightest Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries in the industry, with the highest energy density.

PAGlink batteries that have an individual capacity of 150Wh are also available.

Connect the batteries to your camera, and they will immediately recognise its data system and communicate their state-of-charge. This will be displayed as a percentage in the viewfinder or on the camera LCD.

Turn-on the camera, press the battery display button twice and a prediction of remaining runtime, in hours and minutes, appears on the battery display. Remaining run-time is displayed to a resolution of 1 minute, and capacity in 1% increments.

PAGlink batteries are future-proof, externally programmable and simple to update in the field.

PAGlink PL94 batteries feature a 3 year guarantee with no restrictions on the conditions of use.

The world’s first intelligent linking batteries

Up to 12A can be drawn from the linked batteries, via high-current contacts. The batteries will discharge together, in the most efficient way. At no time is current transferred from one battery to another. Instead it is delivered using a separate power rail or bus bar. This is one of the most intelligent features of the PAGlink system. The battery with one or more connected to its rear contacts becomes the ‘Master’ and controls the delivery of power

using current from all the batteries in the stack. Sharing the power also prolongs individual battery life. When power is running low, PAGlink lets you add another battery, or hot-swap the rear battery for a fully-charged one. The ‘Master’ battery ensures continued delivery of power, and the intelligent PAGlink technology allows a fully charged battery to be linked to a discharged one.

More outputs for your accessories with PowerHub

The smart way to power accessories
Connect a PAGlink PowerHub between two batteries. Make sure it has the right combination of D-Tap, USB, Hirose or Lemo connectors that you need, in the position you require. Connect the batteries to the camera

and plug in your accessories. When power is low, hot-swap the rear battery without interrupting the supply of power. Use a USB output to charge your smartphone. The PowerHub is so much smarter than outputs built into the battery.

Efficient, linked battery charging - an industry first!

Compact, lightweight PAGlink chargers
At the end of a day’s shooting, stack all your discharged batteries on a PAG or Anton/Bauer charger, and by the morning they will be charged and ready to go again. 8 fully-discharged 94Wh batteries will be fully-charged in 7 hours. You no longer have to swap batteries over in the middle of the night to get them charged for the next day. There is no need to carry a large 4-channel charger for every 4 batteries, because the compact, lightweight 2-channel PAGlink PL16 charges 16 batteries simultaneously.

The World’s Smallest Multi-Battery Charger
If you are travelling light, with only 2 or 3 batteries, the PAGlink Micro Charger will fullycharge them overnight. Similar in size to a phone charger, the Micro Charger will fit easily in your camera bag; it is the industry’s smallest and most versatile Gold Mount charger. You can power it from AC supplies worldwide, using the PSU provided; or you can power it from a vehicle battery (12V), and even a USB charger (2A). The DC power leads are included.

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