Mini PAGlink G-Mount

Mini PAGlink G-Mount

Intelligent Linking Battery System

Mini PAGlink embodies all the benefits of the PAGlink System in a reduced form factor. It is a system of intelligent linking batteries and chargers, designed to power smaller camcorders and accessories for acquisition and production. It is versatile, economic to integrate and suitable for a large range of production equipment.

Mini PAGlink allows you to combine the capacities of two or more batteries on your camera, to achieve higher capacities and longer run-times. The batteries incorporate the outputs you need to power a monitor or a light in addition to the camera. Each battery features a fixed D-Tap output and a USB output unit that you can swap for other output connector types, including Lemo and Hirose. Linked batteries deliver up to 12A, making them an ideal single power source for your camera set-up.

When power is low, you can add another battery to the stack and get the shot you need. Alternatively, the rear battery can be hot-swapped for continuous power.

Mini PAGlink batteries can be charged, individually or linked, using existing PAGlink chargers. Linked battery charging was developed by PAG and enables 16 batteries to be charged simultaneously on a two-position charger. Linked charging puts an end to midnight battery swapping on location.


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