Clinton Harn reaches for PAGlink power

FEB 2016

Clinton Harn is an Australian cinematographer, filmmaker, producer and owner of a production company that creates video marketing content, as well as music videos, documentaries, short films and full-length feature films. He is also a regular contributor and team member of

Clinton has a passion for creative technology that has seen him delve into almost every area of creative and artistic media content, and says, “I had been looking for a reliable V-Mount power solution for the longest time and came across the PAGlink system at NAB, a couple of years back. What stood out for me were the unique technology, design & robust quality.

Each PAGlink battery is rated to a flight-friendly 96Wh. If I need more juice, I simply stack them. Gone are the days of buying batteries with a higher watt-hour rating. The form factor of each battery is super compact. It looks and feels great behind any camera package, and keeps the bulk down.

Another benefit is how the batteries can be hot-swapped for continuous power. It’s a simple yet crucial feature that improves efficiency and productivity on set.

The clincher for me is the Micro Charger. It’s no bigger than a DSLR battery charger. It will charge 3 PAGlink batteries easily overnight. It’s a must-have if you travel and don’t want to carry the additional bulk of a normal V-Mount charger.

I use my PAGlink batteries across several camera packages. Whether it’s a handheld or tripod mounted RED Dragon, a shoulder mounted Blackmagic Design URSA or the 2.5k Cinema Camera, the batteries fit in seamlessly with any rig. My one regret is that I didn’t have them when I was shooting my last feature film”.

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