Frequently Asked Questions



1.1 What does it mean when my battery display shows this?

This means that your battery’s state-of-charge is between 0% and 5% and the battery needs to be charged.

This appears on your battery display when you link batteries and after you have separated them. It indicates that the batteries are communicating successfully. However, if this symbol appears repeatedly, while the batteries are linked, it indicates that communication is intermittent; and if this occurs when batteries are being charged in a stack, the whole stack will fail to charge. Solution: split the stack and isolate the battery causing the issue. Clean the contacts. If the problem persists, contact your nearest PAG Service Centre.

This indicates that the battery is in ‘programming mode’. Press the display button again. The symbol should disappear after a minute or so. If it remains, contact your nearest PAG Service Centre.

1.2 Can I connect a battery while the camera is running?

Yes, a compatible PAGlink battery of any rated capacity, in any state-of-charge, can be added to the battery powering the camera, without interrupting the supply of power. Both battery displays will flash the “o” symbol to indicate that they are communicating successfully.

1.3 The battery has been left in a discharged state for a long period of time and the display is dead. What can I do?

Apply the battery, on its own, to a PL16 charger or a Micro Charger, and leave it for 24 to 36 hours. If this does not recover the battery, link it to another battery that you know is working well, with at least 50% SoC, and charge the two together.

1.4 What is the maximum/minimum voltage of a PAG battery?

The maximum voltage is 16.8V. The minimum voltage is 12.5V.

1.5 Is the D-Tap output on the Mini PAGlink battery regulated?

No, output will vary from 16.8V to 12.5V (or a little lower depending on the application).

1.6 What is the output of the battery’s USB module?

The output of the USB module is regulated at 5V, 2A.

1.7 If the latching mechanism on the rear of the battery breaks what can I do?

Contact PAG and we will send you a free replacement kit so that it can be fixed.

1.8 I have dropped my battery and cracked the case, can I still use it?

The case is designed to protect the cell-pack when it is dropped from approximately 1.5m onto a hard surface. A severe blow may cause damage internal to the cell-pack that isn’t apparent on the outside. A cracked case is the only indication that there may be a problem. Send some photos of the battery, with its serial number, to a PAG authorised service centre, where it can be evaluated.

1.9 Do my batteries need to be discharged to 30% or less when I fly with them?

No, they only need to be less than 30% SoC for cargo flights. This is a requirement for manufacturers and resellers when they transport batteries by air. If you’re flying with your own batteries they can be any SoC, even 100%.

1.10 What is the maximum number of batteries I can carry on a passenger aircraft?

IATA specifies that each passenger can carry 20 batteries that have capacities of 100Wh or less. This includes powerbanks and batteries built-in to devices such as phones, laptops and tablets. In addition you can carry 2 batteries that have capacities between 100Wh and 160Wh. However, the airline may impose more severe restrictions and you should always check with them what is permissable, before you fly.

1. 11 What is the IP rating of PAG batteries?

PAG batteries do not have an IP rating. Please cover the battery (and the camera) for use in the rain.

1. 12 How can I recycle my PAG Li-ion battery?

You can send expired, PAGlink Li-ion batteries, at your own cost, to PAG in the UK or to PAG America in the USA. Please note that Royal Mail/Parcelforce will not handle Li-ion cells and will confiscate them.

PAG UK will remove the cell-pack and send it to a specialist company who are capable of stripping it down to it’s core components. About 60% of the materials from the cell-pack can be recycled.

When the cell-pack of a Mini PAGlink battery finally expires, it can be replaced with a new one at a PAG authorised service centre, should you so wish. This means that parts of the casing and the internal electronics will be reused. PAG will send the old cell-pack for recycling.


2.1 How many batteries can I stack on a PL16 charger or a camera?

PAGlink is limited to 8 linked batteries on each charging position and Mini PAGlink is limited to 10 batteries. Although, theoretically it is possible to link the same number of batteries on the camera, mechanically it may not be possible, or desirable.

2.2 How many batteries can I stack on a Micro Charger?

8 PAGlink, 10 Mini PAGlink. However, the Micro Charger charges at a lower rate than the PL16 Charger and it will take 16 hours to fully-charge a stack of fully-discharged batteries that total 400Wh in capacity.

2.3 What does it mean if the Micro Charger LED is flashing red?

This means that the batteries are not charging as they should. There could be an old or failing battery connected to the charger. Solution: remove the batteries, isolate the one causing the issue, and try again.

2.4 What does it mean if the Micro Charger LED is flashing green then orange?

This means that the batteries are close to completing their charge cycle and can be removed for use. The charge rate reduces for the last 10% of the cycle and takes proportionally longer.

2.5 I have lost the power supply unit for my Micro Charger (Model 9713 or 9713V) what can I use to replace it?

A replacement power supply unit (Model 9713PSU) can be purchased from a PAG reseller, or you can use another manufacturer’s PSU if it has a 2.1mm connector (centre pin positive or negative) and provides 5-20V DC, and at least 1.5 Amps.

If you have lost the power supply unit for Micro Charger Model 9710, YOU MUST NOT USE A DIFFERENT POWER SUPPLY. This could cause the charger to overheat and result in a fire. This product has been discontinued and there are no replacement power supply units available.

2.6 I am trying to charge batteries using the Micro Charger powered by a USB adaptor. The Micro Charger LED just flashes green/orange or goes red after a while and the batteries won’t charge.

The USB adaptor may not be outputting 1.5A, which is the minimum requirement for the Micro Charger to work successfully. Some USB adaptors have an output rated at 1.5A, but in reality they are not.

2.7 The PL16 Charger display is showing “I-CURRENT V. HIGH SAFE SHUTDOWN”. What does this mean?

The charger has experienced an internal current that is too high. Turn-off the charger, leave it for a few minutes, then turn it back on. If it repeats the message then please contact by email supportatpaguk [dot] com or return the charger to a PAG authorised service centre.

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