Joined-up thinking from PAG

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Effective from 25th August 2011

Joined-up thinking from PAG

PAG introduces a new high-power linking battery system at IBC.

PAGlink is a system of V-Mount Li-Ion batteries that link together in multiples, to create super-high capacities, and to enable higher loads to be drawn. They can be transported by passenger aircraft without quantity restriction, enabling you to bring the power you need to any location.

PAGlink is a one-system power solution for all types of professional camera, designed to power the full range of equipment used by broadcast stations, hire facilities and production companies. PAGlink can be used to power HD DSLRs, handheld camcorders, broadcast cameras, HD high-end digital cinema and 3D camera set-ups.

PAGlink is the only system that allows you to link multiples of batteries – two, three or more – on your camera. For example, three linked batteries weighing less than 2.2kg create a single unit of nearly 20Ah (288 watt-hours), extending run time many times over and allowing up to 12A current to be drawn. The batteries incorporate heavy duty contacts which are engineered for high-drain applications.

PAG Sales Director Nigel Gardiner says “Television stations were telling us that they needed more power for their cameras. By linking the batteries we could keep the individual capacities below 100 watt-hours for unrestricted shipping to any location. We set out to create a system that would enable more batteries to be linked, and make more power available from smarter, smaller and lighter units. We believe that we have achieved a superior linking battery system that can be used to power every type of camera used in the industry”.

The PAGlink system creates an intelligent network, enabling batteries to communicate with each other and operate seamlessly as one. This unique system allows batteries to be charged as well as discharged whilst linked. Charging can take place on any V-Mount Li-Ion charger, such as the PAG Cube, or any equivalent Sony charger.

PAGlink offers a choice of ‘on battery’ displays. The PL96T Time Battery incorporates a numeric run-time display that expresses remaining camera run-time in hours and minutes. The PL96e Battery is a lower-cost version that incorporates a 5 LED indicator to show remaining run-time and state-of-charge.

The PAGlink system allows multiple batteries working as one, to report their collective state of charge information for display in the camera viewfinder. PAGlink supports all viewfinder information systems and adapts automatically once connected.

These high-quality 96 watt-hour battery packs are independently UN tested and fully compliant with IATA air shipping regulations. They can be transported legally by passenger aircraft to any location, unlike Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 160 watt-hours and batteries that have not been independently tested.

PAGlink batteries incorporate precision temperature management, extending low temperature performance down to -20°C, and can be hot swapped at any time without interrupting the flow of current.

The PAGlink System can be seen at IBC 2011, on PAG Stand No 11.E20.

Contact salesatpaguk [dot] com for more information

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