Orbitor DSLR Shoulder Support

PAG News Release

Effective from 16th February 2010

Orbitor DSLR Shoulder Support from PAG

If you are shooting high-definition video using the latest DSLR cameras, PAG, the camera power and lighting specialist, has a shoulder support designed for the job.

PAG has created the shoulder-mounted Orbitor system to support and steady the DSLR camera so that you can shoot as if it were a video camcorder. The Orbitor is a mobile yet stable shooting platform that allows hours of continuous use without fatigue. It gives you greater control over professional shooting techniques, such as pan, tilt and roll; techniques that would be impossible to achieve successfully using the DSLR camera handheld.

The Orbitor is adjustable for use with any DSLR camera, with or without a matte box and follow focus system attached. In fact the more accessories you use, the more useful the Orbitor becomes. A monitor can be clamped to its rigid yet lightweight structure. The weight of the assembly is distributed evenly across the body. The Orbitor can be adjusted to suit any operator, whatever shape or size.

When you need to shoot using a handheld camcorder, the Orbitor will do the same job for that set-up as well. The Orbitor incorporates a quick-release, sliding camera mounting plate that allows easy interchanging between cameras.

The Orbitor comprises a double-handle assembly for precise camera control, a padded shoulder mount that incorporates a counterbalance weight, a sprung telescopic rod that reduces camera shake and supports the camera assembly from beneath, and a waist belt and shoulder straps that prevent movement of the set-up during periods of demanding activity.

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