PAG Enhances L90 Slim Battery

PAG News Release

Effective from 1st March 2019

PAG Enhances L90 Slim Battery

PAG has enhanced its L90 Slim V-Mount Li-Ion battery. It now incorporates a built-in D-Tap output and an improved Run-Time, Capacity & Data display.

The D-Tap connector provides an extremely useful DC output for powering a 12V camera accessory, in addition to a camera.

The upgraded display is brighter and easier to read in strong sunlight. It senses the orientation of the battery and adjusts automatically. Run-time is displayed to a resolution of 1 minute, on-load. Capacity is displayed in 1% increments. Information stored in the battery’s microprocessor, such as the number of charge/discharge cycles, can be displayed in data mode.

The low-profile, lightweight design, coupled with the high-current capability, makes the L90 Slim battery ideal for use with small, digital cinema type cameras, in situations where battery size and weight must be kept to a minimum. When the camera is mounted to a gimbal or a drone, the low-profile format of the L90 makes it a more suitable power option than block-shaped batteries. With this in mind, PAG has constructed the L90 to withstand vibration associated with multi-rotor aerial platforms.

The PAG L90 Slim features high-capacity, high-current Li-Ion cells which provide a continuous draw of up to 10A. The battery dimensions are 140 x 85 x 35mm, it weighs 567g, and has a capacity of 90Wh.

In keeping with the latest PAG-developed technology, the battery communicates automatically with multiple camera data systems and displays its remaining capacity in the camera viewfinder/LCD.

The intelligent battery manages its own charge and discharge safely, and can be charged using any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger. Reliability, durability and longevity are integral to the design. As with all PAG Li-Ion batteries, the L90 Slim has been independently tested to UN standards, in compliance with air transport safety regulations.

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