PAG launches Mini PAGlink MPL50G Battery

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Effective from 1st October 2019

PAG launches Mini PAGlink MPL50G Battery

The Mini PAGlink MPL50G has all the benefits of PAG’s established battery linking technology in a more compact, lightweight format; in addition, it is the first broadcast battery that allows users to swap output connectors.

The 50Wh, Li-Ion battery, is compatible with full-sized Gold Mount plates and PAG’s new MPLG mount, which is better suited to smaller cameras.

Weighing just 360g, the MPL50G battery is ideal for powering cameras such as the Panasonic EVA1, or the Sony FS5. The battery features the outputs to power the accessories broadcasters require, providing a single power source for the entire set-up. It incorporates a fixed, 12V D-Tap and a 5V 2A USB that can be swapped by the user for a Hirose, Lemo or another D-Tap. The MPL50G is just as suitable for larger news acquisition cameras, where it reduces on-board weight. It is also a low-profile option for a broad range of production equipment.

Unlike other ‘mini’ format batteries, the MPL50G offers intelligent linking for charge or discharge. Patented PAGlink digital technology allows the linking of up to 8 batteries, in any state-of-charge; 4 provide 200Wh for your camera set-up. The MPL50G can also be linked with PAGlink PL94 & PL150 Gold Mount batteries. Their capacities can be accessed in combination, to provide a current draw of up to 12A. A battery can be added or hot-swapped, when power is low, to ensure continued shooting. Sharing the current demand between batteries prolongs overall life and provides a better return on investment; the MPL50G is guaranteed for 2 years.

Compatibility with established PAGlink Gold Mount chargers, as well as chargers of other manufacturers, makes the MPL50G versatile and economic to integrate.

It is also the first modular battery, designed to be fully-serviceable. Authorised replacement of modules, including cells, is possible, whilst maintaining compliance with UN standards for flight safety. The ergonomic case design is combined with a robust construction, to survive the harshest working conditions.

Other features include a high-resolution numeric display of run-time, capacity and battery data; and digital communication to display capacity in the camera VF/LCD.

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