PAG Power for Canon XF300/305

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Effective from 29th March 2011

Power for Canon XF300/305 Camcorders

PAG, who provides broadcast and video production professionals worldwide with power and lighting for their cameras, has introduced a power system for users of the new Canon XF300/305 camcorders.

Using a professional camera battery to power the camcorder produces a greatly extended run-time and enables you to simultaneously power 12V accessories, such as camera lights. With the PAG L95e battery you can monitor the power consumption as you shoot.

The system that PAG recommends consists of 4 elements: (1) a down-converter power lead, (2) a professional battery mount with 2 power outputs, (3) a broadcast quality battery and (4) a cost-effective charger.

The PAG down-converter lead is a DC adaptor that converts the 14.8V output of the battery to 7.2V, suitable for powering the camcorder. It features a connector suitable for the camcorders battery port. The other end of the lead features a connector suitable for the power output of the PAG professional battery mount.

V-Mount or PAGlok battery mounts are available that feature two power output ports – one for the down-converter lead and another suitable for powering a 12V camera light, such as the Mini Paglight, or other 12V accessories. The V-Mount or PAGlok plate can be clipped onto your trouser belt or fitted to the back-plate of the PAG Orbitor shoulder-support. In either case the weight of the battery is placed away from the camcorder.

The PAG L95e is the ideal low-cost professional battery for this system. The 95 watt-hour pack will run the Canon XF300/305 camcorders, which have a power consumption of 9W, for more than 10 hours. It can supply up to 7A continuously, is lightweight, and provides an indication of remaining run-time.

PAG recommends its fully-automatic 2-channel Freelancer charger, available in V-Mount and PAGlok formats, as the most suitable charger for this package.

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