PAGlink Wows at IBC

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Effective from 22nd September 2011

PAGlink Wows at IBC

PAG, the British-based camera power and lighting specialist, used IBC 2011 to launch PAGlink, its new system of high-power linking batteries.

PAGlink is a breakthrough in battery technology. It is the first system that allows you to link multiples of 96 watt-hour V-Mount Li-Ion batteries to create super-high capacities and a high-load capability of 12A. For the first time, two, three, or up to eight packs can be stacked, to provide the greater power required by modern camera set-ups.

Visitors to IBC were greatly impressed by the smaller and lighter PAGlink battery units. Three linked batteries, weighing less than 2.2kg, creates a single power source of nearly 288 watt-hours, and a current-draw of up to 12A. The extra current was of great interest to customers wishing to power high-definition digital cinematography and 3D camera set-ups. Similarly, broadcast ENG organizations and freelance cameramen were delighted with the extended run-time, flexible charging and air-travel-friendly characteristics of the system. Customers who were already familiar with the concept of linking batteries were impressed by the superior features of the PAGlink system, such as the greater linking capability, the higher energy density, the greater current availability, the built-in run-time indication, and the ability to charge batteries whilst linked. The editors of TVB Europe were impressed enough to nominate the PAGlink system as one of their picks of the show.

Unlike other systems, PAGlink batteries incorporate high-current pin contacts which are engineered for high-drain applications - however, the pins are only part of the story. When linked, the batteries create a high-speed serial network, enabling them to communicate, with each other, and ensuring that higher voltage batteries do not discharge into lower voltage batteries. The network elects the battery nearest to the camera to be the ‘master’, for communication with the camera. The collective state-of-charge for the linked batteries is reported for display to the camera viewfinder. PAGlink supports all viewfinder information systems and adapts automatically when presented.

The PAGlink network also controls the charging of the batteries whilst linked, ensuring that a fully-charged battery will automatically turn off. The 4-channel Intelligent Parallel PAG Cube Charger can be used, without modification, to charge multiples of PAGlink batteries on each channel. Alternatively, any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger is suitable.

The PAGlink System comprises 96 watt-hour battery packs that are independently tested to United Nations standards, and are therefore fully compliant with IATA air shipping regulations. PAGlink batteries can be legally transported on passenger aircraft, to any location, without quantity restriction. Batteries that have capacities greater than 100 watt-hours, or which have not been UN tested are restricted for air transportation.

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