Powering the Future of Survey with GeoSLAM

AUG 2018

GeoSLAM is a global leader in the provision of handheld, lightweight and mobile 3D laser scanners. The company’s ‘go anywhere’ surveying technology is sold globally via a network of 78 distributors across almost 60 countries.

GeoSLAM’s product range includes the ZEB-REVO Solution, a combined hardware & software package which captures the real-world environment in 3D using a handheld LiDAR scanner. The collected data is stored on a single board computer in a highly compressed format, for post-processing. This requires a 12V battery which is built-in to the unit’s datalogger.

In the summer of 2017, GeoSLAM developed the ZEB-REVO RT. The RT (Real Time) unit has the ability to both collect and process 3D data simultaneously, whilst on the move, allowing the user to preview the end result during the capture process. Such a powerful solution required a more powerful battery, and GeoSLAM turned to PAG for assistance.

GeoSLAM Hardware Engineer, Peter Bugoslavsky, explains the process behind choosing PAG as their supplier:

“Our priority for the battery was quality and reliability. We wanted a standard connection interface and a good exterior design. The PAG L90 Slim battery fulfils all of these criteria and more”.

The PAG L90 Slim Battery has an impressive energy density, providing 90 Watt-hours for a weight of only 567g. The battery’s built-in run-time & capacity display shows remaining run-time, accurately, in an intuitive % remaining format.

Being air transport safe is vital for a company which ships globally. The independent UN testing and labelling of the battery reassured GeoSLAM that this would not be an issue.

The GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO RT is the latest in lightweight, handheld, portable 3D laser scanners.

The size of the battery and its charger is an important factor for a handheld piece of kit. PAG supplies GeoSLAM with a Micro Charger, their smallest charging option, ensuring that the power accessories take up the minimum space possible. GeoSLAM customers travel to remote locations across the globe, so it is vital that all of the equipment fits in one case and stays together.

The scanner data is processed on a PC to create a point cloud result file.

Peter was happy with the service and flexibility offered by PAG whilst developing the new product line:

“PAG’s engineers and designers are very generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. The company goes further than most to improve every aspect of their product. As an example, PAG created a custom label featuring our company logo and added it to our batteries free of charge. It’s that kind of service that keeps customers happy, and likely to return in the future”.

For more information about GeoSLAM, visit their website at www.geoslam.com

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