Rack-Mountable Charger for OB Vehicles

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Effective from 28th February 2011

PAG Rack-Mountable Charger for OB Vehicles

PAG, the camera power and lighting specialist, has introduced a rack-mountable version of its latest high-power, simultaneous Cube charger.

The PAG RMC4X can be used to simultaneously fast-charge Li-Ion batteries manufactured by PAG, Sony or IDX, via four V-Mount or PAGlok battery charging mounts that connect to the charger via its four XLR4 outputs.

The charger is designed to be mounted in a half-width racking system, and measures 1U high. However, two units can be mounted side by side in a standard full-width 19-inch rack, by using connecting plates. The charger is ideal for use in outside broadcast vehicles, but it is equally suitable for use in a workshop environment. Models are available supplied with either four V-Mount or four PAGlok battery charging mounts. The mounts incorporate a cable terminated with an XLR4 connector. A bespoke mounting-board for the connectors, that enables them to be fitted vertically inside the OB vehicle, can also be supplied.

The four-channel RMC4X charger features PAG’s unique Intelligent Parallel Charging software (iPC), which uses current efficiently for fast, fully-automatic charging. The high-power output is approximately 100W, 6A at 16.8V.

PAG Sales Director, Nigel Gardiner says, “Simultaneous charging is now a must for production crews. The latest PAG chargers use current efficiently and intelligently to simultaneously fast-charge four fully-discharged L95 batteries in approximately 6.5 hours. Using only PAG chargers guarantees that batteries are never subject to abusive and life-shortening charge regimes”.

The charger can also be used to sequentially charge the previous generation of PAG Li-Ion batteries and Ni-MH batteries manufactured by PAG and Sony.

All stages of the charging process are indicated on the unit’s backlit LCD screen.

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