V-Mount Camera Plate 4 x D-Tap, 1 x USB

  • Battery connector plate for V-Mount batteries

  • 4 x D-Tap outputs and 1 x USB output

  • Universal back plate for mounting to a variety of cameras

This V-Mount Camera Plate provides a secure mechanical and electrical connection between the camera, or other suitable equipment, and V-Mount batteries. It has a robust moulded, construction and incorporates high-quality contact pins.

The plate incorporates 4 x D-Tap outputs: 1 on the left side, 2 on the right and 1 on the top. They are suitable for powering 12V camera accessories and capable of supplying up to 10A. Each D-Tap features a tethered, flexible, protective cover.

A universal back plate is included which enables fitting to a variety of cameras.


4 x D-Tap, 12V 10A (unregulated)
1 x USB 5V 2A.

Length: 140mm (5.50”).
Width: 85.5mm (3.36”).
Height: 27mm (1.00”).

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