Versatile Camera Power Supply

PAG News Release

Effective from 5th April 2012

Versatile Camera Power Supply

PAG, the London based innovator of camera power and lighting for broadcast television and video production, has introduced a new, multi-function, on-camera AC adaptor/camera power supply.

The PAG CPS100 is a compact and lightweight 100W AC adaptor that mounts to the rear of the camera via the V-Mount battery connector. It adapts any AC input supply worldwide (90-264V) to power 12V broadcast cameras.
A PAGlok version is also available for cameras fitted with this mounting system. Alternatively, the unit can be just as easily used off-camera.

The PAG CPS100 provides a constant output of 100W at 15V, and has a peak output of 150W. It can be used to power the most demanding HD broadcast and digital cinema camera set-ups. A parallel 12V XLR4 output is included for powering picture monitoring, audio or lighting accessories. In addition, twin USB connectors are incorporated that output 5V, ideal for charging a smart phone battery simultaneously.

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