Instruction Manuals

Each PAG product is supplied with an Instruction Manual which is a valuable source of information. If you have mislaid your Instruction Manual it is possible to download a PDF version.

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PAGlink V-Mount Batteries
Models 9303, 9304, 9308, 9309
PAGlink Gold Mount Batteries
Models 9306, 9313
PAG L90 Slim Battery (V-Mount)
Model 9307V
PAG L96T Time Batteries
Models 9305V, 9305, 9305A
PAG L96e Batteries
Models 9310V, 9310, 9310A
PAG L95e Batteries
Models 9310, 9310V, 9310R, 9310A
PAG L95 Time Batteries
Models 9382, 9383, 9360
PAG ZL-125 Time Batteries
Models 9317, 9317V
PAG ZL150 Batteries
Models 9316, 9316V
PAG ZL-50 Batteries
Models 9315, 9315V
Pagbelt NMH Battery Belts
Models 9312, 9313, 9314, 9324, 9330
PAG Powerman Batteries
Models 9339, 9338, 9342, 9330
Pagbelt IC2 Battery Belts
See Instruction Manual


PAGlink Micro Charger
Models 9713, 9713V
PAGlink PL16 & PL16+ Chargers (V-Mount & Gold Mount)
Models 9707, 9707A, 9711, 9711A
Vehicle Battery Power Converter 200W
Model 9775
PAGlink Micro Charger
Model 9710
PAGlink Cube Charger
Model 9708
PAG RMC4X Rack-Mountable Chargers
Models 9702R, 9702VR
PAG Cube Chargers
Models 9702, 9702V
PAG AR Series 2 Chargers
Models 9792, 9793
PAG Freelancer Charger
Model 9613
PAG V2 Charger
Model 9613V
PAG Pulsar Charger
Model 9795
PAG Quasar Chargers
Models 9726, 9727, 9752, 9753
PAG 30V AR Series Chargers
Models 9763, 9765
PAG V4-iPC Charger
Model 9700V
PAG MC124 Charger
Model 9785
PAG OC124NP Charger
Model 9782
PAG Charger Update (Li-Ion)
Models 9670E & 9670QE
Vehicle-Battery Power-Converter
Model 9774

PAGlink Accessories

PAGlink PowerHub
Models 9709, 9712
PAGlink Battery Reader
Model 9647
PAGlink Battery Reader
Model 9647A
USB (2A) Output Unit for V-Mount PowerHub
Model 9709U


Standard Paglight (12V)
All Models
LED Dimmer (for Standard Paglight)
Model 9997D
PowerArc (for Standard Paglight)
Model 9955
Softstart (for Standard Paglight)
Model 9938
PowerMax (for Standard Paglight)
Model 9958
Softlight Diffuser Kit
Model 9983
Mini Paglight (12V)
All Models
PowerArc (for Mini Paglight)
Model 9022
Paglight C6 Kit (6V)
Model 1001

Camera Support

PAG Orbitor Camera Support
Model 2002
PAG X1A Camera Support
Model 2001

Power Supplies

Models 9750, 9750A & 9750V
PAG Camera Power Adaptor
Models 9701, 9701V
PAG Power Supply (PAGlok)
Model 9791
PAG Power Supply (Snap-on)
Model 9798
PAG Power Supply (V-Mount)
Model 9791V

30V Power Modules

30V Power Modules
Models 9581A, 9581V

Continuous Power

PAGlok Power Module
Models 9661, 9663

DC Adaptors

DC Adaptors
Models 9680, 9655 & 9637
DC Adaptors
Model 1023

Full servicing manuals for certain products are available to agents and dealers only.

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