USB (2A) Output Connector Unit

  • USB (5V 2A) plug-in output connector unit for PAGlink Gold Mount PowerHub Model 9712 and any Mini PAGlink battery

  • It replaces the original 1A USB unit supplied with the PowerHub pre August 2019

  • 5V DC output at 2 Amps (3A peak) suitable for low-voltage camera accessories or charging your phone

  • For use in any of the five output ports of PowerHub Model 9712

  • For use in the output port of any Mini PAGlink battery

  • Includes voltage output protection

  • Quick and easy to fit

  • Interchangeable with other output connector units

This plug-in USB output connector unit is designed for powering 5V camera accessories that draw up to 2A continuously (3A peak), or for charging your phone. It is suitable for use in any output port of the PAGlink Gold Mount PowerHub Model 9712 or the output port of any Mini PAGlink battery. The USB unit also includes output voltage protection.

PAGlink Gold Mount PowerHub
The output units are interchangeable and located on the right side of the PowerHub. They can be released using the red button situated on the front of the PowerHub.

The USB output unit can be used in any of the 5 PowerHub ports. Any combination of connectors is possible enabling you to configure the PowerHub to your exact requirement.

This output unit will power 5V camera accessories when the PowerHub is connected to a PAGlink Gold Mount battery.

Mini PAGlink Batteries
Mini PAGlink batteries incorporate an output port located on the side of the battery that accepts the same output units as the PAGlink Gold Mount PowerHub. The batteries are supplied with an output unit that can be released using the slider situated on the battery’s rear. Any of the output units designed for use with the Gold Mount PowerHub can be used in the output port of any Mini PAGlink Battery (Gold Mount or V-Mount). Each output unit features a different connector: D-Tap, USB (5V 2A), Lemo (2-pin), Hirose (4-pin) and 2.1mm (PP90).

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