Link-Up and Power-Up

If the power demand is great it is safer to spread it across more than one Li-Ion battery by linking them in parallel. It is more economic, more convenient and more flexible to link the batteries directly without the need for an additional mounting plate. For air transportation it is preferable if the batteries being linked have capacities that do not exceed 100 Watt-hours. These are classified as ‘flight friendly’ by the air transport authorities, and can be transported inside the aircraft cabin, without quantity restriction.

PAGlink Innovation

PAG’s innovation is the introduction of a linking battery system that allows multiple battery units to be linked, and one that is capable of providing a higher current. The PAGlink system offers unique features, such as linked charging, built-in run-time indication, multi-viewfinder data system compatibility, and external software updating.

The First Digital Battery System

PAGlink batteries create a high-speed network, allowing them to communicate with each other and manage output. The system elects the battery nearest to the camera (or load) to be the ‘master’ and ensures that this battery is always active (but not necessarily delivering current). The system makes the most efficient use of the energy available, and prevents a transfer of charge between batteries. As discharge progresses, the system electronically adds or subtracts batteries from the power rail (bus bar) to deliver the current required. The status of individual batteries and total run-time can be viewed via the battery displays. As long as the ‘master’ battery remains connected, batteries may be added to or removed from the stack (hot-swapped) in order to achieve continuous running. The system ensures that the maximum linked output is managed to a safe level. This is not the only aspect of the PAGlink system that is unique.

Made for High Loads

The PAGlink connector system incorporates high-current pin contacts, rather than the blade contacts used by other manufacturers. The pin contacts contribute to the higher current capability of the batteries. Up to 12A can be drawn from PAGlink batteries when they are linked and in a similar state of charge. Individual PAGlink Gold Mount batteries allow 10A to be drawn and V-Mount batteries allow 8A.

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