Run-Time for All Batteries

Uniquely, all PAGlink batteries feature built-in run-time indication, expressed in hours and minutes, relative to the power consumption of the camera set-up. The run-time prediction is recalculated if the power consumption is increased or decreased. When the batteries are linked, the individual displays provide total run-time data for the combined batteries, and capacity data for the individual packs. All PAGlink batteries maintain an accurate state-of-charge display by tracking their performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells.

There is a choice between the economic 5-light indicator, and the more convenient numeric display. The numeric option displays Run-Time to a resolution of 1 minute and capacity to a resolution of 1%. The 5-light option displays run-time in 10 minute blocks and capacity in 20% segments. When the battery reaches less than 10% capacity the indicator light flashes.

In-Viewfinder Battery Status

PAGlink batteries will display their charge status as a percentage of available capacity in the viewfinders of cameras designed to accept this data. Different data standards are used by camera and battery manufacturers; PAGlink batteries automatically adjust the data output standard to support the following: SMB (Sony), I2C (IDX) and analogue 0V to 5V (Anton/Bauer). They can also be programmed easily by the user to provide capacity data in the viewfinders of RED cameras (see the PAGlink battery user instructions for more details). When the batteries are linked, the data displayed in the viewfinder is for the combined capacity available.

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