PAGlink Battery Reader

The Battery Reader can be used to access data stored in the PAGlink battery’s microprocessor. It enables you to track the number of charge/discharge cycles performed by each battery and ensure that they are all used equally.

The Reader is slid onto the battery contacts and will automatically display the battery state of charge as a percentage. Pressing the up and down buttons will reveal the various categories, which are as follows:

1. State of charge as a percentage
2. Available capacity in ampere-hours
3. Cell temperature in degrees Celsius
4. Number of charge/discharge cycles
5. Voltage (Pd = potential difference)
6. Full capacity in ampere-hours
7. Date of birth (manufacture)
8. Software version

Programmable in the Field

PAGlink batteries and chargers are programmable via external contacts and can be easily updated in the field by the user, via a software update tool. Updates are sometimes required to accommodate changes in camera or charging technology. This feature ensures that your batteries are future proof.

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