Linked Battery Charging - An Industry First

The PAGlink system allows up to 8 batteries to be charged whilst linked, which is an industry first, developed by PAG. PAG has introduced a compact, two-position charger that will charge up to 16 PAGlink batteries simultaneously (8 on each position). Charging is fast, efficient and fullyautomatic. The batteries can be in any state of charge when you link them for charging. Priority is given to batteries that are more discharged. Fully charged batteries turn off automatically and independently. The charge status of each battery is shown on its own display so that you can see at a glance which batteries are ready for use. The battery’s numeric display can be rotated for legibility with a single button press during charging.

Eight fully-discharged 96Wh PAGlink batteries will be fully charged in 10 hours. PAG also offers a 4-position PL16+ charger that will charge simultaneously, up to 32 batteries without userintervention. Batteries can be safely left on the charger to top-up until they are needed.

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