Ultra-Compact Charging

Additionally, PAG has introduced a low-cost, ultra-compact charger that will fit easily in any kit bag. The PAGlink Micro Charger will charge two linked batteries in approximately 8 hours, or one battery, to 80% charged, in approximately 3 hours.

The previous generation of PAG chargers can be used without modification, to charge PAGlink batteries whilst linked. Alternatively, the V-Mount Li-Ion chargers of other reputable manufacturers are also suitable. In order to charge batteries whilst linked, non-PAGlink chargers require that batteries are within 40% state-of-charge of each other.


PAGlink was conceived with Air Transport regulations in mind. Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 160Wh are banned from passenger aircraft. With PAGlink, far greater capacities can be created by linking flight-friendly PAGlink batteries. IATA dangerous goods regulations allow an unspecified quantity of PL96 batteries to be transported in the cabin of passenger aircraft. In addition, two PL150 batteries per person are permitted. All PAG Li-Ion batteries are tested to UN standards by an independent authority, in accordance with the IATA DGR.

Improved Low Temperature Performance

Batteries, and cameras for that matter, do not perform well at sub-zero temperatures. It is important that they are not left in extremely cold environments overnight or exposed to them during use. PAGlink batteries have an enhanced low temperature performance that means they will still operate at -20°C, however, the optimum battery discharge temperature is +10°C to +45°C.

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