Replaceable Linking Mechanism

A unique feature of PAGlink is the design of the battery linking mechanism. If linked batteries suffer an excessive mechanical blow the linking mechanism will allow them to separate safely, protecting the battery packs from irreparable damage. The battery linking mechanism can be replaced, without opening the sealed battery case. It is a mandatory requirement for Li-Ion batteries to be sealed in order to preserve the original build standard of the UN certified device, and for this reason Li-Ion batteries should never be tampered with, let alone re-celled.

Although PAGlink batteries are designed to survive the rigours of everyday use in a professional environment, it is common sense to handle batteries with care and to avoid subjecting them to severe impact.

The Industry’s Best Value Battery System

PAGlink is a competitively priced, high-quality battery system that embodies unique and advanced patented technology. PAG’s design philosophy ensures that its batteries achieve the longest possible working life. Some customers have reported good capacity from their PAG Li-Ion batteries even after 7 years use. This is well in excess of the industry average life. PAG guarantees its 96Wh Li-Ion batteries for 3 years, and its 150Wh batteries for 2 years, with no restrictions on the conditions of use. When the already attractive price is divided by the number of years service provided, we believe that PAG batteries offer the best value for money in the industry.

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