Smaller and Lighter Batteries

PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter for their capacity than those of other manufacturers. Individually, PAGlink offers a choice between two capacities that are the same physical size: The PL96 has a capacity of 96 Watt-hours and the PL150 has a capacity of 150 Watt-hours. The two capacity options are compatible and can be linked for both charging and discharging.

PAGlink offers two battery connection systems: one features batteries that mount to the camera via the Sony V-Mount connector, and the other uses the 3-stud Anton/Bauer battery mount.

Three 96Wh PAGlink batteries, weighing less than 2.2kg, create a single power source of 288Wh (more than four and a half hours run-time for a camera that consumes 60W). A power source of 300Wh can be achieved using just two PL150 batteries, with a combined weight of only 1.54kg.

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